Designing User Interfaces

Qt Creator provides an integrated visual editor designing widget-based applications in the Design mode. The integration includes project management and code completion.

You can develop Qt Quick applications in the Edit mode or use a separate visual editor, Qt Design Studio.

  • Developing Qt Quick Applications

    You can use wizards to create Qt Quick projects containing boiler-plate code that you can edit in the Edit mode.

  • Developing Widget Based Applications

    Widgets and forms created with Qt Designer are integrated seamlessly with programmed code by using the Qt signals and slots mechanism that allows you to easily assign behavior to graphical elements. All properties set in Qt Designer can be changed dynamically within the code. Furthermore, features such as widget promotion and custom plugins allow you to use your own widgets with Qt Designer.

  • Optimizing Applications for Mobile Devices

    Before starting application development, analyze and define the requirements, scope, and functionality of the application to ensure efficient functionality and a smooth user experience on mobile devices.